Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Devils Claws

Devils Claws

When you died
My world had changed.
I wept and prayed,
Nothing was the same
The certain became the uncertain
Reality became the dream
And my future became the present time

All I knew was no more
The routine was dry, mundane
Night turned to day and then

Where are you? Were you ever here?
I know you were

The pain in my chest that once held my heart tells me so
The deep, dreaded ache in the abyss of my soul
Still lingers
A wound that seeps
Draining of a life that once filled my being


Take me for all I care oh silent grief!
Gnawing and scraping at every morsel of hope I have left.
Leave me before you take me too!
I will not be victim to your greed!

Like hungry devil's claws scraping for the remnants of what little life I have left.

But...the anguish in my soul will always be
For I know that if it wasn't, then you
Were never here.


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Friday, October 16, 2015


I do not know from whence you came
Nor do I even care

I do not know where you are going
For that is in the air

What matters most to me my love
Is the fact that you are here

And this moment is a precious gift
As long as you are near


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