Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Devils Claws

Devils Claws

When you died
My world had changed.
I wept and prayed,
Nothing was the same
The certain became the uncertain
Reality became the dream
And my future became the present time

All I knew was no more
The routine was dry, mundane
Night turned to day and then

Where are you? Were you ever here?
I know you were

The pain in my chest that once held my heart tells me so
The deep, dreaded ache in the abyss of my soul
Still lingers
A wound that seeps
Draining of a life that once filled my being


Take me for all I care oh silent grief!
Gnawing and scraping at every morsel of hope I have left.
Leave me before you take me too!
I will not be victim to your greed!

Like hungry devil's claws scraping for the remnants of what little life I have left.

But...the anguish in my soul will always be
For I know that if it wasn't, then you
Were never here.


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Friday, October 16, 2015


I do not know from whence you came
Nor do I even care

I do not know where you are going
For that is in the air

What matters most to me my love
Is the fact that you are here

And this moment is a precious gift
As long as you are near


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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I walked a path all rough and worn
Of poverty; when I was born

Tattered dress and uncombed hair
Virgin eyes so bright and clear

Sat on a rock and watched the sky
Played hide and seek like a butterfly

Blades of grass that sway around
Like dancing maidens can be found

The sun that held my tresses bright
And wind that blew throughout the night

I walked a path of curves some narrow
For mothers light was dimmed in sorrow

Barefoot child gathering leaves
Knows not what it's like to grieve

To many; the foot-way was drenched in scorn
A broken home a child forlorn

Donations held with high delight
Helped some wrong and made it right

Although the clothes to me were new
Came from a bag of chosen few

Beneath the clouds that filled with rain
I've walked a trail of hunger pains

And weeks on end of porridge i ate
Until at last I came to hate

And I alone remember still
Hands pushed down on window sill

Falling snow outside in lane
My nose pressed hard on frosted pane

Deprivation lingered; times were tough
Surviving each day with barely enough

Upon a hill where I once played
Was cold at night and shamed by day

Yet gardens bloom and the sun did shine
Upon the hill to which was mine

Where flowers grew and birds did fly
Had stopped the tear in a child's eye

Sky that puffed into marsh-mellow clouds
Innocent laughter heard aloud

And the only thing I always knew
Was the love inside that grew and grew

I walked a road of pain and sorrow
Bearing hope for a better tomorrow

I did not know, till it came to me
Upon their faces where I did see

That I lived a way that they condemn
Avoidance and pity, I knew it then

A life disgraced by mainstream norm
Poverty; to which I was born

A child's place to be free to roam
Upon the hill that I call home

Where food was scarce and money few
It is the home that I once knew

I walked on ground filled high with weeds
Upon the grass and dandelion seeds

O path of innocence that I once knew
Days of childhood were too few

My younger days I did depart
But clutched the hope within my heart

Where mother's love I breathed and sighed
That nourished the garden I kept inside

And held it till this very day
On grassy hill where I sit and pray

That reminds me of my youthful days
Where a little girl played 'neath golden rays

Where birds sang tunes and fluttered and flew
The earth was green; the sky was blue

My hair scattered by a summer breeze
Whimsical times I've lived with ease

Where I danced a path all rough and worn
Of poverty; when I was born

And the only thing my innocence knew
Was the love inside that swelled and grew


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Tuesday, March 4, 2014



Wanting to hold the moment
On the day you passed away
For I'm afraid that I will lose you
As time slips further away

Only just a breath ago
You were very much alive
Death has now become you
As the minutes go ticking by

As each day goes on and on
I will forever see
Your voice, your touch, your very being
Creeping further away from me

Hanging on to what once was
Is what I understand
If only for this moment I have
Your last breath inside my hand

Gripping today with woeful
White knuckled bitter sorrows
For I'm closer to you this moment
Than I will be for all tomorrows